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Mod. 2011 - 4T - 12000

  • With numerical control, 7 axes
  • Special model for expansion by “pulling”
  • Max. 4 bands/bullets
  • Max. coil length: 12,000 mm

This horizontal automatic expanding machine, managed by a 7-axis numericalcontrol, has been specifically designed to perform the expansion of tubes infinned coils. The working cycle is executed completely automatically, and theoperator need not be present all the time during the expansion of the coil. Thenumerical control manages the operations of the machine in all its NC functionsand PLC functions (Programmable Logic Control). The expansion is effected bymeans of a pulling system.

For the particular model offered according to the specific requirements ofthe customer, see the enclosed table “Technical features”. This machine isdesigned and manufactured to considerably reduce setup time when changing fromone type of coil to another. In particular, all setup operations - changing ofcoil length, number of tubes and/or number of rows to be expanded - are reducedto a minimum.

1. “Pulling” system: machine and cycle description

During expansion the machine effects a forced contraction, which means thatwhen the whole coil has been expanded all the tubes will have the same length.Thanks to the shape of the expansion bullets utilised, perfect expansion of thetube is guaranteed over its entire internal surface. It is possible to expandstraight tubes and also hairpins with the legs belonging to different rows. Themachine can perform expansion with 1, 2, 3 or 4 tubes simultaneously. Themaximum expansion length is 12,000 mm.

The machine is powered on seven axes managed by PLC.

  • Axis X: Horizontal transfer of band group towards the tubes (Asynchronous motor with inverter)
  • Axis Y: Vertical transfer of band group towards the tubes (Asynchronous motor with inverter)
  • Axis Z: Horizontal transfer of band group towards the tubes (Asynchronous motor with inverter)
  • Axis W: Pulling of bullet. Four individual bullets.(Asynchronous motor with inverter)

The band group and its associated transfer mechanism are installed on aseparate frame. It is possible to manually adjust the distance between expansionband tubes in order to expand coils with different geometries.

When changing the tube diameter it is necessary to replace all relatedtooling.

* Tooling set composition


Bullets and cones

Supports for tubes during pulling

* Working cycle


Manual search of Zero Point, and cycle starting in automatic mode.


In automatic cycle: Loading of bullets at low speed, high speed for full length, final deceleration with automatic stops at the end.


Automatic return of the bullets, expanding all the way back.


Automatic pull-back of band tubes to permit movement towards tubes or rows.​


Automatic movement towards tubes or rows.​


Repetition of steps 2 to 6 until expansion of tubes is completed for all tubes and rows.​

*Safety/CE regulations

The machine will comply with CE regulations.

* Control hardware and software

All components are installed in an industrial cabinet next to the machine.

AMIDA will be able to monitor all working processes via the internet to enable service and troubleshooting to be performed.​

XPC Industrial PC Family (“Parker”)


​10ST–10.4” colour TFT, SVGA (800x600) touch-screen


512 MB

Operating system

​Windows XP pro


650 MHz

Compact flash

8 GB flash​

Agency approvals


Programming platform 

CoDeSys IEC61131-3

The machine starts the expansion operation from the first hole at the left upper corner (this will always be the starting point) and continues as indicated by the arrow. If the numbers of the holes in the row are not an exact multiple of the number of tooling bands (4), the machine will automatic finish the expansion of the coil using less then four bullets. No tubes are expanded twice.​


Quote 1012


Special machine predisposed for expansion by pulling

Max. coil height (in the sense of the rows) 

900 mm

Max. coil length

12,000 mm

Max. coil width

3,000 mm

Tube sizes 

7.0 - 17 mm

Tube thickness 

Up to 1.0 mm

​Distance c-c tubes

16.6 – 75 mm

Tube material

Cu, CuNi, A1Mn1, SS304, SS304, titanium and others

Approx dimensions of machine without cabinet: 

WxHxD: 4.0 m x 2.2 m x: 2.0 m 

Weight: Approx. 1.0 tonne

Expansion speed: Variable up to 60 m/min

Setup time:

Coil length change: Number of tubes and/or rows: 1 min.

Change of distance between band-tubes: 4 min. for each. Total 16 min. 

Diameter change (total change of tooling): 15 min.

Electrical feed: 3x400 VAC. + N + PE with 25A fuse. 50 Hz

Machine side: Right

Machine colour:


Aluminium (natural)

Movable parts

Aluminium (natural)

Control box


Small components


  • ​1 Complete set of tooling consisting of:
  • 4 Bands for expansion. (Up to 12,000 mm)
  • 4 Bullets
  • 4 Cones for bullets
  • 4 Cone support units
  • 4 Support units for tubes during pulling. (Trumpets)

2 Distance plates (reversible for two different distances)

Std. Amida technical documentation

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